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Aircraft information

Number in the fleet: 10
Cargo capacity: 300kg (3 cbm)
Max dims for HEA pieces: 80x60x100cm

Max dims up to 149kg per piece: 95x70x100cm


Weight limitations

Max weight per piece is 200kg

Heavy pieces (HEA): 150-200kg – max dims 80x60x100cm



Live animals as cargo(AVI): allowed for transport, mandatory contact Customer service


Human Remains (HUM): not allowed for transport except URN


Dangerous Goods: allowed in accordance with JU restrictions published in IATA DGR, JU GOM and JU CHM.


Dangerous Goods – Certain dangerous goods can be transported on ATR-7. For more information, please contact


Dry Ice is allowed to transport up to 40kg per aircraft.


For more information please contact


Following Dangerous Goods are forbidden on JU flights:


Limited qty (Y) –( exception is ID8000), UN3090 PI 968, UN3091, section I/RLM and UN3480, PI965. UN3091, PI 969/970, section II/ELM is acceptable. Pharma shipments containing Data loggers powered by ELM in compliance with Section of PI969 and PI970, section II, are allowed to be transported on all JU flights:


  • As per DGR “Lithium metal batteries in compliance with Section II of PI969 or PI970”  must be entered in the AWB Nature & Quantity of Goods field.
  • “Pharma shipment using data loggers” - must be entered in the AWB Handling Information field.

Air SERBIA accepts UN3091 Lithium metal batteries packed with/contained in equipment, PI 969 and PI 970, Section II, on all JU flights under the following conditions:


  1. Maximum 2 kg of batteries per package
  2. The total number of packages containing ELM batteries and the weight of batteries per package must be written on the AWB.

Military weapons(MUW), weapon parts that can be assembled into fully functional weapons, sporting weapons (SWP) and explosives (RXS, only 1.4S) are not allowed for carriage.


Carriage of other Material for Use in War(MUW) is possible but with prior approval from Air SERBIA Cargo customer service: cargo.ssp


For CAA approval the following documents are required (for MUW shipments, Air SERBIA applies for overfly permits):


  • Export and Import License
  • End User Certificate
  • Packing list
  • AWB copy and if applicable Shipper’s Declaration for DG for RXS (only 1.4S)
  • Statement on Letter head with following text: “I confirm that the subject shipment contains only spare parts of it, and does not contain explosive/munitions, a complete weapon or parts from which a complete weapon can be assembled”.

Valuable cargo (VAL): allowed for transport when placed in Valuable Container Box (VCB) or boxes made of solid material (wood, plywood…) with minimum dimensions of 50x50x50cm or that the sum of all three dimensions is more than 150cm.


To book VCB with seals contact Air Serbia Cargo Customer Service and Handling agent in Belgrade: and

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